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Furr Sale

Writers write and creators create. Here is some of what we have written and created for you.

To purr-chase, click the picture of the piece or follow the link in the caption.

Stone Stories - natural quartz crystal talismanic art by Birdy & Mike Diamond
Available from Birdy & Mike in their Talismanic Toucan feathers by commission. Email to discuss piece, price, and availability. Also available in other stones and beads as the piece warrants.
Love Shawls, Blankets, and Bags by Birdy Diamond
Love Shawls and Blankets available from Birdy in her Crowcheting Crow feathers by commission. Email to discuss piece, price, and availability. Be aware that your piece will be made in a cat-friendly space, so there WILL be bonus kitty-furrs included. :>O<:
the cover of the Chapbook 'Pandemic Protest Poetry', written by Birdy Diamond, with guest appearances by Mike Diamond. The title is against a background of protestors.
To purr-chase, click the cover or follow: https://payhip.com/b/taJr
Cardinal on a branch telling the world that Birdy Diamonds reads cards to help Stuck creatives and designs card decks.
Readings for Creatives available from Birdy in her CARDinal feathers to help with Story Stucks and Creative Quandaries. Also available by commission to design original card decks. Email to discuss prrroject, prrrice, and availability.
Goose on the water saying that Bidy does social media graphics
In her Graphics Goose feathers, Birdy creates graphics for social media, book covers, colo(u)ring pages, and more. Contact her by email to discuss your prrroject.
This and other free colo(u)ring pages designed by Birdy can be found at www.patreon.com/EncouragingBird
Tea Chanteys, Sea Chanteys for the Space Lanes, Creative Mewsic, and other songs and mewsic live here: www.patreon.com/BardicRaven/posts?filters[tag]=mewsic!!!! :>O<:
Tantalizing Tales, written by Birdy & Mike, read by Rob Farquhar. Found at https://www.patreon.com/WonderLandRBBT/posts?filters[tag]=Tantalizing%20Tales

FreeBees (and other Goodness!)

I am looking for words. Words to go here. Which words in which order? Well, that’s a different story. Which also have words. Why, yes. We ARE sometimes random. Part of our charm. Also, sometimes help-full in finding the ACTUAL words.

In addition to the things we sell, we also have pieces that are freely available to you – samplers, stories, mewsic, colo(u)ring, more. Here are links to some of the places where you can find our FreeBees and sample their delights.