Our Story.

Story is life... & Life is story.

” Wishing desperately that Magick was real… and then suddenly finding out that it is. Not the magick found in storybooks, purr-haps, but magick nonetheless. “


Going through your life not quite fitting in. Not interested in the things you were ‘supposed’ to be interested in, but instead looking inside for the stories you found there. The most important thing in your life? Bringing them to life.

Being teased & sometimes outright bullied for being ‘weird’, ‘different’. Being told that it wasn’t on to be interested in more than one thing, one way of doing it. Not feeling that thought related to you in any way. What is wrong with you? you wonder. It never occurred to you to question what was wrong with them.

Dealing with the loneliness by making up stories about places you’d never been, things you’d never seen except in dreams, and putting them down in a variety of media – whatever called to your heart at the time.

Doing that your whole life, despite the frequent disapproval of others, and the ever-so-helpful chorus of ‘you can’t make a living at that, you know’ with the accompanying expectation that you’d go out & get yourself a ‘real job’ just like them.

Seeing the price those jobs extract for their dubious security making you all the more convinced that despite appearances, it’s not actually the best thing to do or way to go.

Having odd experiences all your life – things that just can’t quite be satisfactorily explained by the everyday Waking World.

Wishing desperately that Magick was real… and then suddenly finding out that it is. Not the magick found in storybooks, purr-haps, but magick nonetheless.

Having characters in a story suddenly ‘come to life’ and start telling you how the story should go. Finding out that this is a rather common occurance among writers. Feeling better & even more reassured this is the place that you are supposed to be, the thing you are supposed to be doing.

Not quite being able to turn that into a living. Lack of self-belief, lack of focus, lack of support, all gang up against you & you begin to despair that you will ever find your living, still less that it will be from your creative loving.

But every time you feel weary & try to give up the creative life, settle for some soul-sucking J.O.B. somewhere like your friends & family would like you to, like you fear might be your only real possibility, something inside of you refuses to let you do it, no matter how hard you try.

Taking a channelling class, then realizing you’ve been doing this all your life – you simply now have a word for it .

Having a health scare that forces you to acknowlege the Question: Who are you to be a Creative? and the Answer-in-the-Form-of-a-Question: Who the Flock are you NOT to be?

Having a character suddenly start speaking to you to a degree they’ve never done before. Answering back and finding a whole new world that you’d not known existed before. And in a Co-incidence Not, also a way to find your stories quickkly & surely, even with all the Drama in your outside life.

That Drama upending your old life forever.

As you recover from the Old-Life-Ending Drama, coming to a place where you have no other Good Choice but to embrace your creativity as your livelihood because you simply no longer have the Spoons to live any other way.

Noticing that once that decision is made & embraced, and the acting upon it begun, that suddenly everything seems to Flow more easily, Little Miracles & Co-incidence Nots appearing regularly to ease you on down the Road.

/imagine (for now)

Well, that’s us, or at least the most important & relevant parts of our Joyurney to this place, this time, and this website.

Who’s us?

Birdy & Mike Diamond, two authors, poets, and multi-passionate Curious CatBirds who are here to share our creations as well as our understanding of the Creative Prrrocess, especially as it relates to mulitpassionate creatives such as ourselves, and likely, you as well.

With that knowledge we all can create copiously & consistently, which gives us the best chance to make our living at our creative loving.

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