We Are

Inspired by Curio(u)sity & Creativity

Whether we are entertaining you with our latest song, story, poem, pattern, colo(u)ring page, or  curious conversation,  our creative words & works are informed & inspired by the explorations & ex-purr-iments we’ve made along our way.

the cover of the Chapbook 'Pandemic Protest Poetry', written by Birdy Diamond, with guest appearances by Mike Diamond. The title is against a background of protestors.

Pandemic Protest Poetry

Our furrst chapbook of poetry, written and published in a week at the end of June, 2020, in response to the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd.

Available for sale at: https://payhip.com/b/taJr with fifty (50%) percent of the net proceeds from this book shared with: Poor People’s Campaign (poorpeoplescampaign.org) & Writing the Other (writingtheother.com)

Publishing, Pounced!!!!

Our latest Prrrojects All Done, available for sale. From us to you. 🙂 :>O<: (-:

:>O<: Purr-formances of Poetry, song, story :>O<:

Concerts of poetry, song, and story, delivered to FB groups and SF conventions. Videos and chapbooks coming soon!

Our Story


Going through your life not quite fitting in. Not interested in the things you were ‘supposed’ to be interested in, but instead looking inside for the stories you found there. The most important thing in your life being bringing them to life.

“Having odd experiences all your life – things that just can’t quite be satisfactorily explained by the everyday Waking World.

Wishing desperately that Magick was real… and then suddenly finding out that it is. Not the magick found in storybooks, purr-haps, but magick nonetheless.”

Bold Kitten: pouncing creativity through Magick & Mystery

Coming Attractions

Some of the prrrojects we’re working on!

For Backstage Goodness, including mini-releases of content as we create it, join us in Bold Kitten’s Avian Empire – a megaPrrroject across our Patreons. (For our Patreon links, see our ‘Circle of Support’ at the bottom of our ‘About’ page or in the social media section on our ‘Contact and Connect  with Us’ page.)

cover of the chapbook 'What Do the Stars Think?' by Mike Diamond
Speculative Poetry Chapbook

What do the Stars think?

cover for the poetry chapbook 'Ins-purr-ation for the Creative Soul' by Birdy & Mike Diamond
Transformative Poetry Chapbook

Ins-purr-ation for the Creative Soul


Purr-formances of Poetry, Song, Story

And So Much More!!!!

Pouncings in Prrrogress!!!!